Fr. Mikes 40th Anniversary Celebration

YOU HAVE MADE FR. MIKE SO HAPPY! Fr. Mike couldn’t stop smiling at his 40th Celebration to the Priesthood that we were all lucky enough to be part of on May 31. Many of his brother priests attended including his really good buddy Fr. Jim Paisley from St. Theresa’s Parish in Shavertown, Pa. Our Knights of Columbus Honor Guard made things festive as well as our incredible choir. Wow! The music was stupendous and Fr. Mike sung too – brought a tear to everyone’s eyes. Deacon Larry led everyone in a blessing of Fr. Mike and then came some surprises. And yes, that is Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz (two of Fr. Mike’s favorite TV characters) emceeing the gift giving. The Staff at St. Charles, Gloria Pineda (representing our Filipino Community), and the Knights of Columbus all made presentations. We ended with our own version of WE LOVE FR. MIKE sung to the I love Lucy Theme Song. Such a beautiful day! Don’t forget to say Congratulations next time you see Fr. Mike. He has served God and his people for 40 years. What a gift we have my friends!
Photos from the recent event courtesy of Photography by Curtis Brown

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