How About A Song for Your Soul?

For several years, I developed Scripture Stumpers – the various word puzzles based on the Bible. My hope was that, in a fun way, they would engage readers in the stories, testimonies, and parables that God uses to reveal Himself and His plan for us. I hope they did so. But early this year, after writing 200 of them, I decided to take a break from the Scripture Stumpers. I would like to see them published some day, but that’s another project.

All parish ministries and groups have been asked to begin meetings with prayer and faith storytelling and Fr. Mike encourages us to seek ways to help our parishioners have a closer relationship with the Lord, even trying new avenues to do so. With this in mind, I’m introducing “A Song for Your Soul”.

Music helps us feel and express emotion. It makes us joyful, want to dance, cry, and reflect.  Music is an integral part of Catholic liturgy, prayer and devotion. Once a month, with “A Song for Your Soul”, we’ll provide a link to a song along with a few words for background and reflection. It is our hope that the “Song for Your Soul” will help you experience a closeness to God by bringing out the same emotions that our favorite secular songs do.

Beginning the weekend of September 29, 2019 checkout the bulletin issue and look for the page with my monthly article.

Deacon Larry