Lectors are readers and bearers of God’s word, who assist in the liturgical celebration, and so take on a special office within the Christian community. Lectors are given a responsibility in the service of the faith, which is rooted in the word of God. High school age boys and girls interested in becoming Lectors must be over 14 and Confirmed. Volunteers welcome – training required. Contact: Shaun Walsh, email walsh20@gmail.com, or call 267-615-3290

Training Opportunity:
Training under the Diocesan School of Liturgy is held at different locations around the Diocese. These classes are required for certification to be a Lector. Candidates must be approved by their pastor and register with the School of Liturgy at 856-583-2901. The parish will pay for your registration.

Click below to download the Registration Form:

Registro para Lector 3.21.20

Lector Registration 5.2.20