Pastor’s Corner – April 15, 2018

In addition to all those I thanked in last week’s column I would also like to add my sincere appreciation to another group of wonderful people.  At the Easter Vigil, a 12-year-old boy underwent a seizure.  I’m very happy to report that he is fine, but at the time it was very upsetting to the boy’s mother and older sister, and the whole congregation, as I’m sure you can well imagine.

The number of people who rushed to the boy’s aid was phenomenal.  It was no small feat, considering the church was, at the time, in near total darkness.  It was amazing how they managed to assist the boy and call paramedics without creating much of a disturbance.  When the ambulance arrived, it did so with emergency lights flashing but thankfully no siren.  The paramedics quickly assessed the boy’s condition and brought him to the ambulance to take him and his family to the hospital. 

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  In fact, it is fairly common, particularly at larger celebrations.  Usually it’s an older person, and thankfully it usually turns out okay, with fasting, dehydration and overheating being the main culprits behind what turn out to be fainting spells. 

And so on behalf of all of us I want to express our deepest thanks to those faithful who come to the aid of parishioners in a medical emergency.  Just being there brings comfort to both the individuals in need and especially their loved ones, who often feel helpless and frightened.  God bless them all for their compassion, quick thinking, and generosity in bringing their skills to bear in times of great need!

It’s basketball and hockey playoff season now, so…



(And Phillies, too!)


In His Love,

Fr. Mike

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