Pastor’s Corner – April 22, 2018

This Spring 5 members of our Pastoral Council will retire and will need to be replaced.  But before addressing that need, it’s good for us to refresh our understanding of just what a Pastoral Council is.

A Pastoral Council is a visioning and planning body that fosters full participation in the life and mission of the Church.  In consultation with the pastor, the Pastoral Council actively listens to and identifies the needs and concerns of parishioners and reviews the parish’s pastoral plan to respond to them.  It is charged with assisting the pastor in implementing the parish mission by discerning the strengths and needs of the community, assessing the effects of our efforts, and how we might improve on them.  As is stated in the Introduction to our Pastoral Council Guidelines:

Recognizing that sound pastoral decisions are informed by the wisdom of the people of God…[and] that Catholics have a right and duty to express their opinion  on  what pertains to the good of the Church…Pastors should willingly consult their  people and use their prudent advice.  Therefore this council [will] investigate, ponder & recommend actions necessary to ensure the present and future good of the parish [and address] major issues brought before them.

Who may serve on the Council?  Any registered parishioner who is at least 18 years of age and willing to commit to a 3-year term, which can, if desired, be renewed once for another 3 years.  The Council meets monthly (except in July and August) for 90 minutes to address items placed on the agenda by members who submit them to the Council’s Chairperson and/or Secretary.

Given the importance of having a council that is truly pastoral, I ask all parishioners to give prayerful consideration to this calling and to contact me or any member of the Council if interested in being appointed OR if there is someone you would like to recommend.  We are a great parish, but there’s always room for growth.  And an active, energetic and engaging Pastoral Council will lead us in that direction.


In His Love,

Fr. Mike

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