Pastor’s Corner – August 19, 2018


            You may have heard about or received another bogus email solicitation purported to be from me asking for help.  Here’s what it looked like:
Subject:GOD BLESS YOU (Name)
Date:Fri, 10 Aug 2018 08:06:19 -0700
From:Reverend Michael Matveenko B.A, M. Div <>
To:(email address)


How are you?

I need a favor from you, email me back when you get this message.

Many Blessings,

Fr. Mike

This is another unfortunate case of attempted identity theft.  To be clear, I have never and would never solicit any of you in this way.  Any email you would receive from me would include my email address as posted on our bulletin front cover.  I do not have a yahoo, Gmail or any other account.  If ever you receive a message like this do not reply to it!  Instead, forward a copy to me as soon as possible so it can be passed on to the proper authorities.

I also wish to clarify that neither my email nor our parish files have been “hacked.”  At this time we believe that the person(s) perpetrating this ruse simply took information from our website.  Please be assured that any and all information you have shared with the parish is kept strictly confidential and is protected by up-to-date security systems.

Let’s all pray that the person(s) responsible for this will have a change of heart and cease committing this crime.


In His Love,

Fr. Mike

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