Pastor’s Corner – May 20, 2018

The Pastor’s Corner


As we celebrate Pentecost this weekend, we should invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon our state legislators and us, their constituents, as they consider the proposed “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act” (A1504).  Obviously our hearts must be moved with compassion for those of our brothers and sisters who have reached the last stage of life on this side and are in pain and suffering.  Assisted suicide seems to many to be a compassionate response.  But in that same compassion the Church opposes it for a variety of reasons.

The Patients’ Rights Council based in Steubenville, OH has published a response to this proposed bill that I urge all parishioners to read.  (Go to their website: Among the findings of the Council is that this proposed bill would give government bureaucrats and health insurance companies the opportunity to deny more costly pain management and other treatments in favor of lower-cost suicide methods, thus reducing human beings to a cost figure.  It could also open the door to elder abuse by family members and health care providers who could pressure vulnerable patients into choosing assisted suicide.

Furthermore, many patients might choose physician-assisted suicide for fear of being a burden to others.  The bill would also permit a third party to request it for a patient without any oversight to determine the accuracy of the request.

These and other reasons outlined by the Council should make us all realize that the issue is far more complicated than it can seem, and all of us need to know the deeper implications before becoming another state tragedy in the battle to preserve, protect, uphold and defend the sacred gift of life and God’s Law that governs it.



The Sixers gave it a good ride this season and did better than anyone expected, so congratulations to them!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike


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