Pastor’s Corner – September 16, 2018

            Over the last 2 weekends I have spoken at Mass regarding Catholic Strong, an ambitious, diocesan-wide campaign that seeks to raise $50 million to invigorate, strengthen and expand our efforts as an Apostolic Church.  The word apostle comes from a Greek word meaning, one who is sent.  Sent?  To do what?

            Obviously, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.  As we are reminded by St. James in his New Testament letter (chapter 2), it is not enough to simply talk about Jesus.  We must demonstrate our faith by reaching out to those around us, and all the baptized have a role to play.

            Each parish of the diocese has been assigned a goal based on its income charted over the last several years.  Ours is an eye-popping $1.27 million!  That is a reflection of just how generous you have been!  But remember, 70% of what we raise is ours to keep for our own efforts.  Bishop Sullivan has been emphatic in explaining that “the Church IS the parish and the parish IS the Church.”  He hopes that this campaign will strengthen each parish, and insodoing the entire Church of South Jersey.

            To return so much to the parishes in a diocesan campaign is unheard of elsewhere in the U.S.  Other dioceses have run similar campaigns, but the most each has split with its parishes is 50-50.  So while this will be a tremendous undertaking, the potential reward is outstanding.

            I do need help conducting this campaign, particularly parishioners willing to visit other parishioners to solicit their support.  All volunteers will be trained, and all parishioners to be visited will be notified in advance to expect a call.  So if I call on you to be a part of this leadership committee I hope you will be as generous with your response as you will be to the campaign itself.

            Please join me in praying for the success of this tremendous undertaking, to the praise and glory of God and of our Savior Jesus Christ!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike

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