Pastor’s Corner – September 2, 2018

Have you noticed the long faces on children and the smiling faces of parents lately?  It can only mean one thing:  Labor Day…summer’s last hurrah!  Well, for summer lovers like me, not really.  I cling to the fact that the calendar says the season lasts into the 3rd week of September!  As Labor Day traditionally ushers in a new school year, let us keep all students, teachers, aides, and administrators in our prayers for an exciting, successful and rewarding year of learning and growth.

Though it does mark the end of the traditional vacation season, Labor Day is not on the calendar to mark the end of anything.  It is a day set aside to honor the laborer:  all those who provide for themselves, their families, human progress and the good order of the society we live in by the work of their minds and hands.  Whether indoors or outdoors, farm or factory, home, school or office, civil service or private, health care or care of nature and the planet we live on:  God bless allof you who continue to build up family, neighborhood, city, state and country by whatever work you do!  And may the Spirit of God through the intercession of St. Joseph the Worker inspire those in positions of leadership to create more meaningful, dignified and rewarding labor for the un-and-under-employed.

               I would like to salute all who labor in the Lord’s Vineyard, particularly those who serve our parish family in our offices and many ministries.  Whether ministers of the Liturgical Assembly (Altar Server, Cantor, Choir, Church Environment, Deacon, Eucharistic Minister, Greeter, Launderer, Lector, Musician, Sacristan, Usher), Religious Educationof Children (CCD) and Adults (RCIA, Adult Faith Formation), Social Outreach (St. Vincent de Paul Society, IHN/Family Promise, Charlie’s Angels, Youth Group, Ministry to the Engaged, Visitors to the Sick, Funeral and Grief Support), Ongoing Spirituality and Faith Formation (Bible Study, Prayer and Meditation Groups, Adult Faith Formation) and Parish Leadership (Pastoral Council, Finance Committee, Trustees, Parish and Religious Education Office Staff and Maintenance Crew):  they are the beating heart and backbone of the community that is the Church of St. Charles Borromeo, and on behalf of all our members I wish to express heartfelt appreciation for their generous service to our people.

I’d like to pay special tribute to our volunteer catechists in our Summer Intensive CCD Program and “Camp Joy,” our summer Vacation Bible School.  Over 1100 children were educated in their faith through the 3 weeks of Summer CCD, and about 90 younger children were nurtured in a wonderful experience of faith at Camp Joy.  Special thanks to Mary Ann Exler who does an amazing job of organizing and directing Summer CCD, and Julie Wright who does an equally fantastic job for Camp Joy.

Summer’s end does bring one consolation, something to which many of us have been looking forward.  Can you say “Repeat?”



(And Phillies too!)

In His Love,

Fr. Mike

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