Pastor’s Corner – September 23, 2018

Summer is now officially over, and what better way to welcome the Fall than celebrating our Annual Parish Festival!  What began as a way of starting off the school year on a good and happy note with a big faith-family party has become our way of celebrating US, the people that make up the Church of St. Charles Borromeo. 
This year’s festival marks our second group of inductees into the “Society of Stewards of St. Charles Borromeo,” as nominated by a committee comprised of some of our oldest members.  The Society was formed last year to recognize long-serving parishioners who have given so much to making our parish the wonderful community it is. This year’s recipients are:
Rich & Nina Benigno, Bill and Jeanne Braker, Don and Karen Dunn, Mary Ann Exler, Joe and Pat Foley, Bill and Jan Hauser, Bill and Ella Kettleson, Tony and Carmela Majuri, Mary McHale, Harry and Marylou Padden, Bob and Connie Pfeiffer, Wilbur & Cathy Robinson, Ed and Mary Rossi (now Mary DeStefano), Frank and Ricky Schroeder, George and Bernadette Stallings, and Bill and Marie Wallin.
Some have passed on and are being honored posthumously.  Others are still very active.  Their names have been added to the Stewardship Tree in the Gathering Space.  We congratulate them all, and thank them for their many sacrifices of time, talent and treasure to help us grow to become the warm, welcoming, all-embracing parish that we are.
            Each year we will add new members to the Society in recognition of outstanding service to our parish and the wider church and community to which we belong.  But let us remember that when we give of ourselves it is not for the sake of recognition by anyone other than God.  As Jesus Himself commands:  “Keep your good deeds secret, and your Father who sees what is secret will reward you.”  (Matthew 6:1)
That being said, we still wish to recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us become the loving Christian community we are.  God bless them, and all of us!  Hope you all enjoy(ed) this year’s festival!
In His Love,
Fr. Mike

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