$1 Challenge




COVID has so many of us focused on our own Country the USA and rightfully so..but one of our former priests, The wonderful Fr. Vincent Orum, NEEDS OUR HELP!  His new assignment in Uganda is at a parish that has 30 Worship Sites.  Since Fr. Vince returned to Uganda over three years ago he has battled malaria and COVID and just recently he narrowly missed being a victim of a suicide bomber as he went into town.  Through it all he smiles that warm Holy Spirit smile and leads a parish of laughing God praising parishioners and he even coaches and supports a soccer team filled with happy teens.  If we all just gave $1 can you imagine how we could help this new parish?  Collection boxes will be at all the entrances of Church by next week.. we will work on making this a line item in our Parish Giving site of our website as well.  Thank You on behalf of this man who has devoted himself to serving God and who I believe one day will be a saint.


Please see the below pay link, which is tied to a Contribution





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